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Domination of Black

Mountain Shadows


Side Games
Wiki Rules
  • The rules governing interactions on the chat apply on the wiki as well. Be civil, keep IC IC and OOC OOC, and don't mess with each others' stuff maliciously. If you have a Quotes section on your Player Character page, this is considered to be In Character Knowledge for everyone. Gossip, basically. Don't post a quote you wouldn't want getting around IC. If it is considered to be overly offensive by the Player of the Character who's being quoted, they may remove it. Replacing, altering or reattributing someone else's quote, however - even if it's on your page - is against the rules.
  • There's no reason not to be smart with the space we've got. If you want to upload a new picture, feel free -- but if that means you don't need an old one, and you can overwrite it instead, please take that extra second to do so.
  • When making Werewolf pages use Hyphens "-" for deed names, and for Mage pages use the tilde " ~ ".
  • Do not create a wiki page for a character that has not been sanctioned. It is likely to be deleted.
  • Use subpages and not templates when making your pages. This is a little more advanced, but Templates are not considered Content by the wiki and are not searchable and indexed like subpages are. Templates look like this: [[Template:WorldofDarkness]]. Subpages look like this: [[:Angrboda/RP Hooks]]. The Subpage "RP Hooks" is then connected to the page "Angrboda" and can be called with the link in the example.
  • You're expected to know the rules for the venue you're playing in. At the very least, the World of Darkness Core is required with the setting specific book. Refer to the specific venue for more details.
  • Submit a bug report via this Form: if something isn't working as you believe is intended. Anomie, audzilla, or another staff member will get back to you regarding the situation provided. The more information you can provide, the more likely it is that we can work to fix it.
  • If you would like a page deleted, please FPM Anomie with the page web address.
Pre-Generated Character Page

Sanctioned Characters are encouraged to create a wiki page, to facilitate IC Role-playing opportunities. This can be daunting to those who don't know how to work the code, but take heart! Type your name into the box and hit the button Create and it will generate a skeleton page for your character. All you have to do then is fill in the blanks!

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